Fossil Free Kick Off Night with Stijn Meuris

What is divestment? 

Divestment is a worldwide movement that wants to stop the global money flows to fossil fuels (according to the IMF 10 million $ per minute!) and reorient these towards sustainable and ethical investments. Even our own university is guilty, and we want to change this. It cannot be true that a public progressive university keeps investing in weapons, fossil fuels, and other unethical initiatives. The negotiations are on, but the pressure has to be mounted!

This is a launching event for anyone who wants to get involved for a real sustainable future, for anyone who wants to have a lasting impact on the Ghent community and our society as a whole.
Join us for an evening of short lectures (10min) about divestment in general, divestment in the academic world and our own project here at the University. After this we have a short brainstorm on new ideas and further concrete action. 
Join us! 

As a closing event we listen, together with Fairfin, to Stijn Meuris reciting exclusively that night his new "mini-tirade over maxi-bedrog" !!

dinsdag, oktober 25, 2016 -
19:30 tot 22:00